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Prominent tourist influencers explore Moose Jaw during Canada Adventure Seeker retreat

The City of Moose Jaw recently hosted a few prominent tourism influences from across Canada as they received an unforgettable opportunity to explore and promote their experiences from the Notorious City

The City of Moose Jaw recently hosted a few prominent tourism influencers from across Canada as they received an unforgettable opportunity to explore and promote a few prominent experiences from the Notorious City.

The Canada Adventure Seeker retreat’s stopover in Moose Jaw ran from July 5 to 7 and was comprised of around 25 individuals, including 10 well-known influencers and their families.

“I’m a Canadian adventure seeker with Eh Canada Travel,” explained Cary Horning, an influencer from the group and former Moose Javian. “We’re all different – we all bring different things to the group” and explore “all Saskatchewan has to offer.”

The Canada Adventure Seeker Retreat is designed to provide influencers with a comprehensive and authentic tourist experience. They’re encouraged to share these adventures with their followers to inspire future tourists to visit destinations such as Moose Jaw.

Among the culinary venues the group experienced were The Mad Greek – which was particularly well received – along with Veroba’s Family Restaurant, Hopkins Dining Parlour, and Rosie’s on River Street.

The group toured the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum, took a ride on the trolley, toured the tunnels, played a round of Battle Creek Adventure Golf, then camped and canoed on the Moose Jaw River.

The experience was capped off with a quintessential old-time photo at Past Times Photography.

The group’s first impression of Moose Jaw was shared by Colin Girard, the team’s technical expert, who described it as “a nice, quiet, peaceful city.”

Muldoon, who is travelling with her husband Tim McRyder, said this wasn’t her first stop in Moose Jaw, but it was her first in-depth exploration of the city.

“We went snowboarding in B.C., and on our way home… we stopped in Moose Jaw and did the tunnels and stayed overnight,” she recalled. “This year, we’re like, ‘Well, we got to go back (and)… see what else there is to explore.”

Some of the attributes that stood out to the group were the cleanliness of downtown Moose Jaw, an abundance of historic brick buildings, a receptive atmosphere, and the many green spaces around town.

Greg Girard said his favourite part of the tour was the opportunity to canoe in the Wakamow Valley, an opinion which was shared unanimously by the group. Arden and McRyder enjoyed Hopkins Dining Parlour, and each pointed out the antique furniture and décor. Jesse Thomson and Janet Guthrie said the tunnels were worth visiting.

The group also got to experience Sidewalk Days, which they said was quite positive.

“For such a small community, there was just so much going on in the streets,” McRyder said. “We really enjoyed that. We spent a lot of time on the street festival, that’s for sure.”

The group described the ideal tourist destination as a venue with a variety of activities, places to eat, and price points to accommodate travellers on any budget. They said a great location needs character, hospitality, and locals who help make you feel welcome – all of which Moose Jaw fulfilled exceptionally well.

“(There are) very nice people (here). Everywhere we went, they were fantastic,” Greg Girard said.

Colin Girard described Saskatchewan as “the most underrated province,” and said he frequently recommends people stray from Highway 1. Horning added that there’s way more to do in Moose Jaw than a single four-day weekend can accommodate and recommends stopping by for a few visits.

“I think that, from the Seekers, we’d like to say thank you to Moose Jaw for treating us so well,” Greg Girard concluded.

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